Serotonin Withdrawal
Serotonin Withdrawal Symptoms Treatment Syndrome
When people discontinue antidepressants, sometimes they experience Serotonin withdrawal symptoms. This can be a challenging process to endure, so at Alternative to Meds Center, we have specific methods of Serotonin withdrawal help that ease this experience and greatly eliminate symptoms of withdrawal.
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Once an antidepressant medication is discontinued without being properly tapered off slowly, Serotonin withdrawal symptoms usually emerge. Serotonin is an extremely important chemical in the brain that helps to regulate moods and happiness within people. Most antidepressant medications and especially SSRI’s, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, increase the amount of serotonin circulating in the brain. SSRI withdrawal is much more likely to present itself when an antidepressant is stopped suddenly, but SSRI withdrawal symptoms still occur when antidepressants are weaned off slowly. However, with Serotonin withdrawal treatment, withdrawal is surprisingly mild.

People who have stopped taking an antidepressant medication after 6 weeks or more often than not experience some form of withdrawal. Withdrawal is rare for someone who has been taking an antidepressant for less than 6 weeks. The most severe serotonin withdrawal syndrome symptoms usually take place for the first 3 days after stopping an antidepressant medication but severe symptoms can last for up to two weeks. Residual serotonin withdrawal reactions (mental and physical) can last much longer though. The longer the antidepressant medication has been consumed, and if serotonin addiction is present, the longer (and harsher) the serotonin symptoms may last.

The serotonin withdrawal syndrome symptoms vary greatly from person to person and will depend on the medication being withdrawn from, the length of time the medication was used, and the disorder being treated among many other variables. The most commonly reported symptoms of serotonin discontinuation are severe or manic depression, mood swings, headaches, anxiety, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, sleep disturbances, flu-like symptoms, gastrointestinal discomfort, sensory disturbances, sweating and/or chills, blurred vision, strange sensations and many others.

Antidepressant withdrawal is temporary, while a person is experiencing it, it may seem like forever. Deciding to stop taking an antidepressant without medical Serotonin withdrawal help is not a good idea. Some people stop taking antidepressants because their depression has subsided and they think that they no longer need to take their medication. They may no longer need to take an antidepressant medication, they may have never needed the medication in the first place, but they do need to go through serotonin withdrawal treatment in the care of a doctor or rehab treatment center. When people try to stop taking antidepressants alone, once the withdrawal symptoms kick in, their depression will often be in a much worse state and they usually start taking their medication again to alleviate serotonin discontinuation symptoms.

Withdrawing from an antidepressant in the care of a physician, a hospital, a cessation center, prescription medication rehab or other treatment centers will keep antidepressant withdrawal as easy as possible for the person experiencing it. Once the person is through the stage of withdrawal, they can move onto treating their depression naturally and in a healthier way than antidepressants. Having serotonin withdrawal help substantially decreases withdrawal symptoms and simplifies this process.

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